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Dear Melissa,
I have read both of your cookbooks and enjoy hearing you from time to time on The Splendid Table.

Your today brought back some very poignant memories for me. I lived near my mothers family until I was about 10 years old. My grandmother always had a pot of beans cooking, usually pinto beans, it was a staple in her house. I am sure it was because she grew up during the depression and beans were cheap good food and you could always make them stretch. If there weren't beans in the house my Grandfather probably thought there was something wrong. We used to call them "New Mexico Strawberries" as you almost never saw strawberries in Northern NM but beans were served in many homes and many restaurants. My mom still cooks a big pot of beans, usually pinto, every week. My favorite way to have them is over bread with butter, nothing fussy.

Thanks for the post and my thoughts and prayers go to you and all those hit by the recent storm.


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