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My farmer's market was having a basil fire sale this weekend -- 10 bunches for $10. I only bought two, but I still think I might need to break out the ice cube trays. Thanks for the tip!

Laura Dembowski

I live in Southeaster Michigan where it has also gotten very chilly, though I'm still hoping for a warm up, but I have resisted turning on the heat so far. It has called for some serious will power. I love pesto and think freezing it is a great idea and way to make summer last all winter.


I know first hand about the chinese pine nuts. I have not eaten a pine nut in 3 years. I miss them! Where do you suggest getting them to be sure they are the real thing and definitely won't give me that awful "pine mouth"?


I never understand the love affair with freezing in ice cube trays. They are so annoying to clean out! I use an ice cream scoop, plop portions on a parchment-lined cookie sheet, pop it in to freeze, then dump them in a freezer bag. I have all different sizes for whatever I'm portioning. I did the same with baby food.

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