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I seem to remember a whole discussion on the food52 app about carrot tops and quite a few people posted that they were dangerous to eat- I am still confused by this issue- did u ever hear about that?

Hannah Lee

Thank you for another useful post, Melissa!
The cookbook is out-of-print but I was able to order from amazon.


Hi Anna- I've heard the same thing so I did a little research and found that the great food scientist Harold McGee has described them as safe. Here's the link:



I am SO happy to see this post! I was just talking to someone recently about the long-standing myth that carrot greens are poisonous when in fact they aren't, but I've yet to actually start eating them. This looks fabulous, I can't wait to try it.


Hey Melissa,

Love your videos over the The Times. Between you and Bittman, most of the bases I run are covered...

I also remember reading about the greens being poisonous. Also from the Times:

"A carrot top, apparently, is not a laughing matter. They contain alkaloids, Ms. Sumner explained, a group of organic compounds that includes caffeine, cocaine, and strychnine. These are substances that even culinary thrill-seekers might not want in their salad. “Effects range from slightly elevated blood pressure, and slightly elevated alertness and heartbeat, all the way to death,” Ms. Sumner said."

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