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Laura Dembowski

Peach blackberry pie is my favorite, so this is right up my alley. I totally understand how you feel about summer produce. It's so sad to watch it disappear from the stores; I want it to be summer forever. But there's still plenty of produce left, my Dad just picked the most amazing blackberries for me yesterday, and it'll be even better when it comes back next year. And I can't wait to make apple pie either :)


You have a wonderful talent for making beautiful and, surely, delicious pies! Your crust is excellent--happens to be the same ratios used by Meghan at the West End Bakery in Asheville, NC, and she, too, has mastered the art of the flaky crust. Thanks so much for making the NY Times video, which will come in very handy soon. Right now, I'll be sticking to your "skinny" cookbook recipes; in three weeks I'll be wearing a maid of honor dress that just arrived.

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