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Olga @ MangoTomato

ooh! the addition of the orange juice sounds great! I think I'd add zest too if I get the nerve to try it ;) My previous few attempts at challah baking have been nothing to blog about!


This does look excellent. And I imagine that it would take very well to Olga's more recent suggestion (which I tried and can heartily recommend): the addition of chocolate and sea salt. Happy New Year indeed!


You're right! That's the most gorgeous challah I've ever seen, and what makes it more fun is you involve your kid, Dahlia, in it. I love when people involve their kids in the kitchen. Yum, OJ + sea salt make it awesome. :)


I love challah bread, and your recipe for a sort of challah French toast with red onion and apples is a favorite around here.

Your daughter is so cute, btw. Spent the weekend at home and made tortillas with my little (8-y-o) sister, and she had a blast rolling, pressing and placing them in the skillet. I love seeing little kids in the kitchen!


Melissa - I love it!! And I totally forgot about the sticky dough - better challah tip! Thanks for the reminder. But what I really love is the pie dish to bake it in! Thanks for another awesome challah recipe - really, can there ever be too many?


Thank you so much for this recipe. I made it this weekend and it was delicious. It was my first attempt at challah, and while it didn't quite look like yours I was very pleased. Thanks!

Robin Aronson

That's a beautiful challah! I'm absolutely making it for this coming shabbat.

Nomadic Samuel

This looks absolutely delicious. I think the orange juice is a great addition here :)


just what i was looking for for simchas torah!
Question - If I use regular table salt, how much would I put in? 1/2 a teaspoon? I am not sure what fine sea salt is...

melissa clark

Hi EstherH - you can use the same amount of table salt as fine sea salt, they weigh the same!


Melissa, thanks for responding. So, I was chicken and afraid of it being too salty, so I used one teaspoon. Besides for that, I used exactly the amount of flour called for, and the dough was super smooth and not at all sticky... I was nervous about that, so I added a bit of water (a teaspoon maybe). It still wasn't sticky. The challah came out tasting great, but very dry. I want to try this again with a bit less flour and the full 1.5 tsp salt - I wonder if the salt helps retain the moisture...
Any tips for what to do if the dough turns out not sticky? Just keep adding more water, or are you doomed??
Thanks :)

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