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I find, as a parent, that this is an unanticipated downside to eating seasonally: when summer rolls around and the kids haven't eaten a cob of corn for nine months, they forget how much the loved it last summer. Oh, well, more for us!


I made chowder with the last ears of leftover corn, but this is a lovely idea for next batch. I especially love the addition of maple syrup!


Just used up my last yogurt AND sour cream in a chilled corn chowder--Do you think I could sub in ricotta cheese with some milk (and maybe lemon juice) added to thin it out and make it up to 1 1/4 cups?
And of course I'd also being switching in ww flour, since I've run out of AP flour--how many subs can one recipe take?


There is nothing much better than an excellent piece of cornbread. With a little butter smeared on top, and maybe a drizzle of honey or maple syrup.... mmmmmm.....


Elizabeth - sorry for the tardy reply, I'm on vacation in the lovely Lake Tahoe area. But yes I think you can use thinned down ricotta/milk/lemon juice. That should work fine. The ww flour might make them heavy but then again maybe in a good way. Thanks for writing!

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