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Honey lemonade, delicious. Daughter, adorable!


What a clever idea. I usually just drop some of my hot tea in the jar, swirl it around and pour back into my tea cup, but this is way more interesting.


What a wonderful idea!! I never know what to do with the solid-ish honey remnants, but hate to waste them since they are so tasty.


This is a great idea! I love finding uses for all those odds and ends. On the subject of lemons, have you ever zested a lemon that you plan to juice and then save the zest somehow? I was wondering if freezing would work for lemon zest. I always feel like I'm throwing away flavor when I throw lemon rinds in the compost.


I do a similar thing with jam bottles: add milk, shake and...

Nancy Baggett

That is one beautiful child! Looks like a happy one, too.

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