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That's brilliant bc I've been wondering the same thing! I'll give this a go next time I have stale bread. At the moment, there is no bread in the house... we're descending into chaos!


What a great idea. One of the other benefits being that when I used the regular blade for making bread crumbs, my bowl got all scratched. This method would certainly keep your bowl nice and new-looking.

Lauren Simon

Good idea to have crunchy crumbs over salad..... I recently discovered the grater blade when faced with a bunch of kale. Shredded kale salad in no time AND now crunchy crumbs!


Great idea, thanks for sharing!


Thanks for the tip! I destroyed my blender motor trying to make bread crumbs in the blender when I got fed up with how ineffective the food processor blade was at this task.

Joy the Juicer

This is a great idea. Thanks for the help because it usually does not work well the way I do it.

Jenn's ice cream gifts

Amazing! Your a genius. I just buy mine at the grocery.

Phoenix criminal attorney

Thanks to this. I can save money. I'm always using breadcrumbs for my cassava croquettes.


Great tip! I've always whirled mine in the food processor as you used to, but had the same problems. Especially for some uses, you want them nicely and finely ground, and I can do without the clogging and overheating. Thanks!

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