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Jammy Chick

I've never seen a smoked turkey neck before - was that part of a larger smoked bird or did you get that specifically for the soup? It looks like it made a hearty and satisfying meal.


Jammy Chick- I picked mine up at the supermarket believe it or not, it came in a package of smoked turkey necks. I had bought it a while ago to season a pot of Southern style greens in place of a ham hock, and put the leftovers in the freezer. But any piece of a smoked turkey will work. Sometimes one comes across the wings. Or just use a ham hock if you don't mind the pork!


This sounds delicious. I recently made a similar dish with cranberry beans and collard greens, but less of a soup and more of a bean side dish. I sauteed the collard greens in lots of garlic and then ladled in the beans with their broth.

Jeanne's Daughter

This looks great, Melissa. Reminds me a bit of your ham hock soup in Cook This Now. How would you recommend I do this in a slow cooker? We are going to be out on Sunday, home just in time for dinner.

oil of lemon

Wow! This is very nice review. Really this looks very great,Melissa. Thank you so much for wonderful recipe.
I am going to be out on Saturday, home just in time for lunch.


Jeanne's daughter - so sorry I didn't get back to you about the slow cooker, did you do it? How did it come out? I actually don't use a slow cooker very often (mine lives in my basement) so I am not an expert. But I'm sure it would be okay!


Excellent recipe. Thank you. I did not expect nothing less than perfect.

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