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So exciting, Melissa! I can't wait to check it out. Congrats.


Congrats Melissa! I'm happy to see more cookbooks evolving towards great meals that are also relatively easily to replicate at home. Some books are nice to look at, but either I a) do not have a particular device to make it or b) can't find the ingredient c) the ingredient is too expensive.
Glad to see Cook This Now is doable from all angles!


Congratulations, Melissa! That sounds really wonderful and I love the idea of it being the real dishes you make for your family.

Mick Dore

Looks good Melissa, I'll defo buy it.

Maria Raynal

I think some of the best recipe collections are created just this way... family favorites perfected over time with your loved ones around your dinner table. Really can't wait to dig into this book. Congratulations, Melissa!


This sounds delectable -- and am truly intrigued by 'carroty mac and cheese.' Congrats!

April Fulton

Congrats, Melissa. I look forward to checking it out.

Carol Sacks

Congratulations, Melissa! Can't wait for my copy to arrive later this week and to start cooking from it. My mouth is watering just reading your blog post!


congratulations! copy already purchased - couldn't resist!

Michael Robert Lockridge

Congratulations! What a great concept! My daughter will be delighted with this one. It is very much in line with what she is trying to do with food planning and preparation. A great gift idea!


Yay Melissa! I just ordered my copy and cannot wait to cook from it :)


Finally! Can't wait to read all the stories :)

Laura {gourmettenyc}

Congratulations! I look forward to getting my copy this Thursday.


So looking forward to getting a copy.

Jen Abbott

I'm stoked about this book! Your previous book has all my current favorite recipes in it, so I'm sure I'll find loads of new faves in this one.


My copy is on my way!!! Can't wait to make all those great recipes!!! :-)


I ordered mine and it's on its way--I'm looking forward to reading the stories and cooking from the recipes. Thanks, Melissa!


I received my copy yesterday - loved flipping through it and can't wait to start cooking (buckwheat pancakes are at the top of list). Love the writing/recipe intros...


Got my copy today...and the recipes look awesome! Going to start using it tomorrow!! Thanks for another great book!!

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