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alyssa kaplan

the confectioner's sugar may be kosher for passover if is labelled as such but I am unsure the rest of the ingredients are kosher for passover (flour)


Folding hamantashen works much better than pinching 3 corners - learned that the hard way when I made hamantashen last week! I made some filled with brownie batter and some filled with vanilla custard and pie filling cherries. The brownie was my favorite!

Melissa Clark

Alyssa- There is no flour in the filling, which is what I was talking about being kosher for passover when rolled into balls and baked into little macaroons by themselves! Not the hamantaschen themselves of course.

Melissa - I LOVE that brownie idea, it's brilliant!


I'm so happy you just posted this recipe. I tasted some of the worst hamantaschen of my life last week. This is going on my "to-make" list!


what temperature do you bake at?

marthas vineyard weddings

wow, that looks delicious. Thanks for posting this. I think I can do this alone. :D


Matt - thanks for the heads up, I added in the oven temp (350 fyi).


I'm a little confused (sorry--that happens a lot with me!). Do you add the egg yolk/zest mixture in the third step? Do you remove the flour mixture from the processor and process the mascarpone and then add the zest to that? Thanks!


Melani - it all goes into the processor at the same time - the yolk helps bind the dough together.

Amy Kover

These look amazing. We had a little Hamentaschen-making party at my house, although ours were not nearly as glamorous (nor as sanitary!) as these. Check it out:http://cookingwithjeanne.blogspot.com/2011/03/hamentaschen-flu.html

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