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Nice article. I'll give it a go.


i received one as a gift recently. i agree it is splendid!

Dave Bridges

I have one and I love it. When guests are coming over, I even have a stamp with my initial that I imprint on to the top of the butter.


Provides a great incentive to make more fresh bread!

Dianne Jacob

I bought one at Sur La Table after being delighted by it at a friend's house.

Do you eat more butter because it is so much easier to spread and more accessible? I think I do.

Also beware that on hot days, the butter sometimes melts. When you pick up the butter-filled piece and it gooshes out. Other than that, I love mine.


so loving this! i keep butter on my counter(my kids love toast at all times of the day), yet this is way prettier!


Must have. It is now on my wish list! Thanks for the review.

Sense of Home

And it is beautiful too!



I have never seen a butter keeper - but I love it! Such a great little toy! I have taken to using a potato peeler on my butter to get nice little bits that melt into my toast, but this seems so much easier. I'm off too google it now!

Nancy Gershman

I made vast amounts of brandy butter for a brown betty at New Year's and was storing it in a repurposed chutney jar in the fridge. Now, finally, you've found me a vessel deserving of this beautiful stuff!

I think our readers will be astounded it can sit right on the counter ...

david d

The devil you say! This device is too beautiful to be real!!!

Maureen @ Orgasmic Chef

I love making my own butter and bread so one of these things is a must for my gift wish list. Great idea!


My roommate and I always fight about where the butter should be...she likes it in the fridge and thinks that it's bizarre that I want it sitting on the counter...but I like my butter soft! I think this would be our solution.


What a great and cute little container!

Nantucket Weddings

What a cute keeper! I also love your butter keeper! Wish to have that one right now and I'm going to buy it. Just kidding! I hope I can buy a duplicate of your keeper! Thank you for the inspiration.

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