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My Communal Table

This sounds great. I saw Wolfgang Puck do almost this exact recipe, but with more cream and uncooked pasta in his rice cooker he was selling on HSN. Your version actually sounds quicker to me. Well done.


looks great gonna try it today


okay yeah, that's pretty darned easy. i'm still not a convert to the whole wheat pasta. i try it every few months. maybe i need to find the right brand. any recommendations?


Hot dog! I've been savoring In the Kitchen for several nights running now, and just tripped upon this, thanks to Olga's blog. Tickled to know you've got this other venue, Melissa. And delighted to hear there's a second edition on the way!


Justcooknyc - Bionature is the best one by far. So much better than the gritty stuff you get from the bigger brands.

Molly - thanks!


Thanks so much for this post!!! I now have a quick way to make my kids' mac & cheese using the pasta and cheese I want (I can even sprinkle some flax seeds and they don't even know it!) And please keep up the great work you do, Melissa. I really enjoy your work.

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