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I always love what a good olive oil can do for a baked good. Excited to see Olga's photos on your site, too. I'm a big fan of Sassy Radish!


Now the hard part is going to be waiting for the bananas to ripen!! Can't wait for the book!!


Ah! This looks great - and I can smell my bananas from here. You anticipated my first thought . . .what if I leave out the chips? Not that I'm anti-chocolate but I'm thinking ginger chips....


Marian - did you try it with ginger? I LOVE that idea...I've also done it w/ nuts instead of chocolate.

RJ and Kasey, thanks!


Thoughts on a non-dairy substition for the yogurt? This looks great!


Allie- I'd try using orange juice for the yogurt, or you could try soy yogurt. If you do let me know how it goes!

Laviza (eclectic gourmet)

nice recipe - will try it out!
made banana bread last week; added flax seeds and walnuts
perhaps I can add those to this recipe


This recipe is going in my Must Try list. Looks amazing.

About the extra ripe bananas, I haven't tried it but I heard you can faux-ripen them by baking peeled thickly-sliced bananas in a glass baking dish at 400 degrees for 30 minutes (until softened). The bananas should be cooled before baking with them.

Do you think this would work?


Melissa, your recipes are always brilliant! I made this bread earlier today and love it.

I made just a few changes: I used all white whole wheat flour, and I used Meyer lemon zest instead of a regular lemon. I also opted against the glaze after my first bite -- I adore the interplay of the wheat, EV olive oil, bitter chocolate, and bananas and also that it wasn't *too* sweet. Wish I could offer some constructive criticism but it's perfect for me :) Thanks for the lovely recipe!


Yes, tried it with ginger - and then again with date crumbles, Both excellent. And used Meyers both times just because I had them....thanks, Melissa.

Terra at Cibaria Oils

What a delicious recipe that we can't wait to try! Love it! Thanks for sharing!

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