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I think Grape-Nuts would be divine. Somewhere in my recipe archives I know there's one for an apricot Grape-Nuts bread. It was a bit sweet, but delicious, as I recall. Mmmmmm.....pie!

Kerrin @ MyKugelhopf

oooh i love grits, and i can recall the very last time i had them: shrimp & grits at crook's corner in chapel hill, nc. one of my best memories of my duke education ;) unlike you, anything i eat tends towards the sweet side of things though. so my grains, porridge, polenta, grits,... usually call for butter and/or maple syrup (and a touch of fleur de sel to round it out).

the consistency in the photo above actually reminds me of another pie i discovered in durham, nc - a bean pie! a sweet mixture of navy beans, cinnamon and sugar - not having any resemblance to beans, it's more a mix between a sweet potato pie and custard. and awfully good. thanks for sharing the recipe here. can't wait to see the next grain pie you master!


Wow. I'd never even thought of sugar+grits either. But now I may be obsessed


Bean pie? Kerrin - I need to add that to my to-do list. I love the old-fashioned way it sounds, so cozy and thrifty.

Gail - if you find your grape nuts bread bread recipe, will you send it to me? THat might be an easier grape-nuts baking introduction than pie, though I do absolutely love love love pie.


Yum! I would never have thought grits could be pie-worthy. Once in Mexico we had a delicious sweet corn pie. Sounds funny but it was so yummy!


Sweet corn pie, wow, love that. Was it fresh corn or dried, do you think?

Kitchen Butterfly

Oh Melissa, I'm afraid to say you have missed a lot :-). If you loved this, you WILL love rice pudding pie, especially if infused with some citrus..... Welcome to this world

Michelle L.

oooo, can't wait to try this pie! This Southern girl only eats grits with butter & sugar! Yum-my! :)

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